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TRE Scotland™ is a Social Enterprise and our aim is to provide the revolutionary new  self-healing practice – Trauma and Tension Release Exercises -TRE™- throughout Scotland.

TRE™ is a physical self-help practice that will support anybody who is stressed, has physical tension and help those with symptoms resulting from trauma feel better. TRE™ helps people deal with the overwhelm of trauma or stress naturally.

Anyone can benefit from learning TRE™. Whether you have suffered from hard trauma, like a car accident, from years of soft trauma like emotional or mental abuse, or are simply looking for a way to rebalance from the normal stresses of everyday life – you can learn TRE™  to enable release from stress and tension held in the body and mind.

You can have one session of TRE™ or a number of sessions to ensure you can safely and easily practice at home on your own.  We also offer TRE™ with Wellbeing Coaching, or with Yoga, or with Psychotherapy.

You can click on this link to view a short and simple animation film which explains how TRE works here

What Is TRE™?

David Berceli introduces his revolutionary therapy TRE™


“Also thanks a lot for yesterday , it was really enlightening  , interesting and I know we both took a lot from it. I also really appreciated your kindness and warmth in how you explained and demonstrated everything. It feels more hopefully that I could return to much better health and remedy the effects of … Continue reading TRE session with Vicki

Every month there are introductory classes in Edinburgh and Galashiels. An introduction to TRE teaches people how to release their tension and trauma by allowing their body to tremor. Participants comments from 25 April 2015 “Thanks for the intro workshop Vicky. It was interesting to experience TRE under your attentive instructions.”   “I look forward to … Continue reading Introduction to TRE – Edinburgh and Borders

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