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Becoming a Certified TRE Provider

David has always presented TRE as a self-help tool for individuals who might not have access to mental health therapy or other forms of assistance; they simply need a self-help method to self-regulate their own tension and daily stress. However, for some individuals recovering from chronic stress, anxiety or trauma may have deeper emotional and psychosomatic issues that need professional guidance.

In that case, these exercises should not be considered as a stand-alone method. It would be best to include TRE in a therapeutic session so that you can receive the proper guidance and assistance to deal with deep emotional releases.  So we offer a training programme to become a  CertifiedTRE Provider and teach individuals and groups.  If you are already a therapist or healer this is a great additional therapeutic tool.  As Mandy and Vicki spread TRE throughout Scotland (and North of England) there is a growing need for more Certified Providers.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified TRE Provider then you need to complete the TRE Certification Program.  The first step is to choose your location/trainers for your two lots of 3-day Trainings and Supervision (supervision can be in person, via skype and/or video).    The details of the Scottish requirements are here and Global TRE information here.  For the dates of our next module 1 and 2 trainings in Scotland.    If you are a large group of people we can organise to come to you to do the 3-day trainings and Certification too.   If you want to ask any questions or organise a training do email Vicki.

Please also read the Introduction Letter to Trainees from Dr. David Berceli

Edinburgh Level I july 2014 xy
Edinburgh Training July 2014