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Anyone can benefit from learning TRE.  Whether you have suffered from hard trauma like a car accident or from years of soft trauma like emotional abuse you can use TRE to release all of this stress and tension.

TRE Scotland is about supporting anybody who is stressed, ‘tired all the time’ or suffering with PTSD or any other symptoms to recover naturally using TRE.  This treatment can be used in conjunction with any talking or complementary therapies.

You can have one-to-one private sessions, go to our regular local Groups, attend Workshops or do the TRE Certified Training.  Contact our TRE Providers below or check our Events page.  Our TRE Providers will also travel to you and your work colleagues to provide CPD trainings or workshops or to you and your friends anywhere in Scotland or North of England.

Please note: While TRE is easily learnt and safely performed by the vast majority of people without need for ongoing professional assistance, for those who have severe post traumatic stress TRE is not recommended as a stand-alone substitute for professional assistance.   However TRE is a great resource that can be used in conjunction with and in order to support and enhance other professional approaches. For people with severe PTSD or dissociative disorders, it may be necessary to initially learn TRE only with a TRE Provider and their own therapist or a TRE Provider that is a trauma specialist, until they have learnt safe and effective self regulation of the bodies release.


Vicki Cook – Certification Trainer Trainee

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David and Vicki, TRE Workshop 2012
David and Vicki, TRE Workshop 2012

It was because of David Bercelli’s fabulous work with TRE that I finally released deep stress and tension and now I live in a harmonious state in my mind and body. I wish I had found TRE many, many years ago.

My TRE Practice is about supporting anybody who is stressed, ‘tired all the time’ and other symptoms like PTSD to recover naturally using TRE. My niche area is to support people to recover from CFS, ME and fibromyalgia symptoms and after being a teacher still working with young people.   I also enjoy supporting Trainees through the TRE Certification process.

Read about Vicki’s background and experience.

Mandy Gaze – Scottish Borders and Edinburgh
Certified Provider and Mentor


– Insights from both body therapy and talking therapy are integrated into my practice and provide a solid foundation for providing TRE
TRE for me is a wholistic means of integrating mind and body – fulfilling the natural need of the body to move itself towards freedom from tension.
TRE offers a way of working that will help you to recover from stress and grow a sense of being present in the moment rather than stuck in the past .
I teach both individuals and groups TRE and also provide counselling either separately or in combination.
I work with anyone who is stressed or traumatised and have a special focus on working with adults who were harmed as children and with people experiencing domestic abuse .For more details click here Counselling Works

MSc counselling , Edinburgh University, MBACP Accredited,  Sensory Motor Psychotherapy ( level 1), Therapeutic Massage, physiology and anatomy (ITEC)

Kemnay, Aberdeenshire

Kaia Kapsta – TRE Provider


Kaia-photoI recognized early on in my experience of TRE how well it builds up a link between my previous work in creative body level activities and my more recent work with crisis therapy and trauma psychology. I explored the phenomenon of the mind body split using improvisational physical theatre methods in my earlier creative life. Later on I was working with traumatized mothers and families supporting them after difficult birth experiences or deep sorrows due to pre natal death or premature and very ill babies.

I have experienced through my own psycho somatic processes how powerful TRE is as a method. My emotional collapse during my divorce process led me into a deep depression. Many years of therapy improved my capacity to cope with my everyday life but did not take away the disturbing feeling of wearing some kind of “sack” over my head. My connection with the world around me was often somehow interrupted and I felt strangely foggy. I got rid of these unpleasant feelings after three months of working on my self-regulation through practicing TRE.  This felt like a huge relief!

Today I work mostly with relationship dynamics and often, when I notice one or both party`s traumatization such as increased anxiety or dissociation, I suggest using TRE to address the blockages. Many of my clients report this to be an extremely practical tool for self-regulation and stress reduction.

I also have clients who are primarily interested in TRE and I have worked with them individually and in groups as part of my level II studies.