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“That’s where the bad kids went.” Paper Tigers follows six troubled teens over the course of a year at Lincoln Alternative High School[...] read more
I recently suggested to a person learning TRE for the first time who was feeling very overwhelmed that they use a watch to time[...] read more
TRE® App Download This app is designed to teach you more about TRE, take you through the exercises with step-by-step instructions, and[...] read more
TRE is being taken up by voluntary sector organisations not only with the aim of helping people using services but also to provide[...] read more
TRE For All (TFA)  is currently raising funds to send Certified TRE Volunteer Providers to Nepal to service its traumatized populations[...] read more
TRE is a trauma informed intervention which David Berceli developed as a self help tool for those with little or no access to mental[...] read more
Stop thinking of yourself as a separate mind /body for just one second! ‘’Our biological process, expressed as moving, feeling,[...] read more
March News from TRE Scotland Sign up for our Newsletters on the website 1. Volunteering with Scottish Military Veterans I[...] read more
Steve Haines is leading the growth of TRE in London and throughout the world with his TRE College.  In Scotland, Mandy and I, along[...] read more
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