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TRE Workshop July 2018

“Thank you very much for the course, the organization and the great team of helpers! It was a super event, enjoyed it very much and still shaking :)”

I R-B, Edinburgh and Bulgaria

Going deeper drop in sessions

“Wow….very helpful session and much deeper.  Thank you Vicki.”

HA, Edinburgh and Kenya

Learning TRE

“Thanks very much, it was a great session,”

SD, Edinburgh

Drop in sessions for going deeper

“Amazing session again, Vicki is a wonderful teacher!”

CH, Edinburgh

Introduction to TRE with Vicki

Thank you also for today. I really enjoyed it. I’m being aware of all sorts of things happening within my body at all different times. It’s amazing!

It was a pleasure to meet you. I’m very grateful to you for your time and for teaching me this wonderful ability.

AW, Scotland

TRE therapy – ongoing sessions

“Working with Vicki has been so important to me.  Through the shaking and her gentle, consistent, holding presence, I have been able to connect with my body and listen to its messages.  Her patient understanding and body knowledge have allowed to me make changes in my life which have resulted in a lessening of my symptoms.  It has been vital to me that Vicki has gone at my pace, understanding the effects of the early life and intergenerational traumas that have left a scar on my body and my psyche.  She has helped me find a tenderness to my physical being that has been hard for me to attain before. I feel so glad to have found Vicki at this stage in my life. ”

CD, Portobello

TRE for social anxiety

“Heading back home after my first meetup and experience of TRE. Was an amazing feeling and I’m eager to do more. I feel a calmness which doesn’t happen to me often. Thank you.”
LW, Edinburgh


September 2017 Module 1 TRE Workshop

The Introductory Module experience was very inspirational for me. In many ways TRE feels like the missing piece for both my personal development and professional toolkit. The 3 days provided an excellent foundation of  combined theory and practice for me to develop from. Warm, knowledgeable, intuitive trainers ensured a safe, exploratory space in which to experience this learning.
SA, Edinburgh

“Thanks for the amazing session which you delivered a few weeks ago.  it was truly life changing and you delivered complex and challenging ideas with passion and expertise.”
AM, Edinburgh

“Vicki, You were approachable, human and knew your stuff. You recapped what you had taught us in the morning. Your lectures were interesting.  You were responsive to my requests re: lights and exercises.  You gave everyone a fair amount of attention and seemed genuinely interested in people.  You came across as a living example of the benefit of what you were teaching.  You held a big space very well on your own.”
FMcK, Glasgow

“I got really inspired after this training. TRE spoke not only to my mind but also to my heart and body.  I felt really safe thanks to Vicki’s attentiveness and facilitation skills.”
AK, Edinburgh

“Module one was a gentle introduction to TRE. The workshop environment, including the trainer, trainees and participants felt completely safe for me to explore shaking and release in a “safe and held space”.  Over the weekend, I learnt mostly about self-regulation and became even more aware of the stress response in my body. Two weeks after the workshop, the new learnings are integrating into my everyday life as I notice my own boundaries and limits much more. “Life can be more gentle” was a quote from the workshop and this sums up TRE Module one for me.”
JK, Findhorn

Physical release with TRE

I have had ongoing discomfort and occasional pain in my left hip for a few years.  The prognosis being I will require a hip replacement in due course.  I attended the TRE sessions under the guidance of Vicki Cook, and found that the discomfort was decreasing and the joint a lot more flexible.  I continue to do the exercises in my own time, with excellent support from Vicki, and am very happy to say that my mobility is much improved.   I’d recommend anyone with this or similar conditions to apply the TRE therapy.
JC, Edinburgh, July 2017

Core Awareness and TRE Workshop February 2017 held by Vicki Cook

“Thank you for a really valuable and interesting day – a good blend of theory and experiential. I learned more about the wisdom of my body, if I let it do what it needed, some of which really surprised me. I look forward to more!”  VMcC

” I thank Vicki for sharing her experience, knowledge and great enthusiasm for TRE and Core Awareness with such professionalism and understanding.  The workshop I attended was highly informative, supportive and enjoyable and I came away with a renewed sense of fascination to enquire deeper and open further into my body’s own incredible wisdom.”  FW

“As I drove home, I was aware of a sense of elongation and spaciousness in my neck, shoulders and upper back areas. ….. after the course I felt energised and buoyant.  It was a delightful course. I felt I learned new tools to develop my own …. TRE practice, I discovered bits of awareness in my body which I had not had before, Vicki was informative, interesting and clear but gentle in her tutoring of the course,   I would heartily recommend this course for anyone who wants to deepen their TRE experience.  CL

TRE with Vicki

“Back in December 2016, I very cautiously set off to Edinburgh to experience my first ever TRE session.  I had read a lot around the theory of TRE and even took courage in my own hands to give it a go. I have to admit, it was all new territory and seemed a little strange to me? However, I didn’t let that put me off. I suppose I felt so ‘desperate!’ My life was SO stressful and I was carrying that stress with me everywhere I went, every minute of the day…even in my sleep! I had to find a way to release it!

I was really unsure about having a one-to-one TRE session, I’d never done anything like this before. I didn’t know what to expect.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel having someone ‘watch’ me do TRE.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I met Vicki.  She made me feel so at ease and relaxed. She was was easy to chat too and she had a very warm and gentle approach.  She was very respectful and non-judgmental and at no time did I feel uncomfortable.

The session was reallt helpful. I learnt how to ‘regulate’ rather than ‘do’ TRE.  I felt empowered after the experience and much more confident.  I left thinking,  this is something I can do and want to do.  Initially, I practiced TRE 2/3 times a week but like everything else, life takes over! Now, I do TRE maybe once every 2/3 weeks or when I really feel the need!
CC, Liverpool

TRE for pain relief

“After trying many different treatments for my Myofascial Pain Syndrome symptoms which are related to PTSD, I was told about TRE.  At first it looked so weird and I was so nervous to go and give it a try.  I was nervous that it would stir up the emotions inside relating to my PTSD and that is something I don’t enjoy going through.  My first session was great!  Vicki is so lovely and she made me feel so comfortable and she is a great teacher.  The great thing about it is that it is nothing to do with the emotions, the body does everything without the mind.  It is absolutely fascinating.  Over the course of a 6 week block I started to feel so much better and really enjoyed my “time out” from real life when I went to the session.  My body had so much to release and it was great learning how to let it go and then to come out feeling so relaxed and at ease.  I felt I was progressing with every session and doing a 6 session block has put me on a great path.  Although I will always handle stress differently than others, TRE helps me to release the stress and tension which my body won’t automatically do.    I would highly recommend TRE!”                                          JA Glasgow

6 sessions of TRE result

“I find TRE to be a great method of releasing all kinds of stored mental junk, be it anger or anxiety or depression.  I’ve tried a whole gamut of healing modalities and for me TRE is an extremely reliable way to transform the inner experience.  I’m beginning to realise how connected the mind and body really are.  I’ve been dealing with clinical depression since adolescence and with TRE I feel like I am reconnecting with an old friend.  The best thing about it is I am in control of the whole process. ”

Thanks 🙂

IW, Edinburgh

Loving TRE – June 2017

“… thanks a lot for yesterday , it was really enlightening  , interesting and I know we both took a lot from it. I also really appreciated your kindness and warmth in how you explained and demonstrated everything.

It feels more hopefully that I could return to much better health and remedy the effects of the past , so many thanks for being part of that process.”

AM, Glasgow

TRE session with Vicki

“Also thanks a lot for yesterday , it was really enlightening  , interesting and I know we both took a lot from it. I also really appreciated your kindness and warmth in how you explained and demonstrated everything.

It feels more hopefully that I could return to much better health and remedy the effects of the past , so many thanks for being part of that process.”

AM, Glasgow – May 2017

Introduction to TRE – Edinburgh and Borders

Every month there are introductory classes in Edinburgh and Galashiels. An introduction to TRE teaches people how to release their tension and trauma by allowing their body to tremor.

Participants comments from 25 April 2015

Thanks for the intro workshop Vicky. It was interesting to experience TRE under your attentive instructions.”  

“I look forward to more TRE.   Thanks for being such a kind and patient facilitator yesterday”

“Really interesting looking forward to trying it out at home then maybe coming to one of the regular groups in a few weeks”

“Really enjoyed this meet up and learning about TRE. Will definitely keep going with it. Thanks Vicky for being such a great teacher”

Testimonials 2016 , Mandy – Clear and Informative delivery , well managed throughout . I enjoyed the exercises and Q and A at the end , Many Thanks

Level 1 3-Day Training April 2016

Testimonials – Edinburgh Training

Module 1 – 28-30 April 2016

“I found all instructors and assistant friendly, approachable, responsive and I felt safe and engaged (except when asleep – but was also engaged by being encouraged that my state was okay and welcomed awake or asleep) Excellent.” LM, Findhorn

“…It was a very worthwhile course and I learned a lot. Thank you to you both for being engaging and ‘available’ teachers. Thanks” JD, Edinburgh

“I have always known that my traumas would continue to haunt me. That they would probably never really be resolved, however, I feel that I have found, that in TRE I may be able to finally start the (or rather continue) the process of coming to terms with my traumas.” JC, Edinburgh

“This was a brilliant 3 days and I learned a lot (more) about myself” VM, Edinburgh

“My only previous experience of TRE was with David Berceli and I planned to do my whole certification in the USA. I am so delighted you are here and I found you. Your entire workshop presentation was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. Thank you.” EW, Ireland‘really good, informative, fascinating, good preparation…… Really great combination of light humour and very detailed knowledgeable responses to questions and clear explanation of TRE made the whole learning experience enjoyable and easy to take in’


‘Very good, I loved the theory. Also the practice and the opportunity to facilitate the process………. Great clarity, alive, great holding, practical approach brings safety – good team’


‘Very well structured so as to not overwhelm with information but allow group discussion and TRE time to be balanced…… Very supportive and friendly’


‘Mixed, varied, dynamic, alive and kicking. A good combo of experiential and theory. Challenging, provocative and playful.’


‘very well information and interesting, clearly experienced……. A large group. Well held’


‘Excellent balance of theory and practice, Clear teaching from everyone, excellent support. Excellent workshop – many thanks to all.’


‘Great 3 days, had already done a good few weeks of shaking but had a session yesterday and into today which was very profound. Great atmospheres – well done team – THANK YOU!’


‘Brilliant, great to hear different perspectives, journeys of different people’


Excellent, I loved the balance between theory and practice….. They created a very safe environment….. I am incredibly pleased I attended’


‘Everyone warm and friendly and containing, felt like always someone available.’


‘Respectful, nice, warm. I felt very comfortable….. I felt them very much in peace with themselves and that helps me to be in peace.’

Vicki Cook

“When I began to shake that first time I was totally overwhelmed and felt out of control. It felt like my body was going to explode and simultaneously the rush of emotions up my body was a shock. I actually felt sick. I have probably only cried in public once or twice in my life, so felt very uncomfortable. The urge to suppress the trembling and crying was very strong. I didn’t know why it was happening in my mind, but when I spoke to you, the reason just popped out. I haven’t been thinking about my birth trauma at all, as it is no longer a fresh event in my mind having had some counselling for it a few years ago.

I was quite frightened about the prospect of trying TRE again. But I went for it anyway! I decided to try it sitting on the sofa, something about lying down seemed too strong and vulnerable. Straight away the shaking started and I cried freely. Then my buttocks started to jerk very strongly, alternating. It was like I was being propelled, or rather I was propelling.

It suddenly dawned on me what it was all about. Firstly, it was exactly the same as the transition stage during my son’s birth. …..

…… This extreme trembling I had in the TRE group was exactly like that.


So you can see why it evoked quite a response! I suffered from post traumatic stress for about a year, then developed some post natal depression on top and was put on anti-depressants. It took another year to get access to counselling, which helped enormously. So I was surprised to have such a reaction to the TRE because I really felt I’d dealt with it, it was in the past.

Anyway, I have done TRE every day since Sunday and the strong emotional reactions dissipated after my first session at home. It feels so liberating to allow myself to be out of control. I have a lovely happy and calm feeling inside. I never realised how hard I was trying to suppress reactions in difficult circumstances. I guess we all do.

The area around my inner thighs and bottom feel so loose and relaxed. I didn’t know it was tight! Also, I have started to shake spontaneously, and actually I realised that I often jerk or tremble, but try to suppress it. No more!

Thank you so much for introducing me to TRE. I’ve bought the book and I’m going to teach my husband, who can’t wait. It was lovely meeting you, and thanks for making me feel safe.”


RH, Norfolk, UK

Vicki Cook

“I ordered a TRE download as soon as Vicki suggested the technique, because it looked so good to me and did I ever need something like that! I was so panicky!
I tried it the same day it arrived. I was so surprised by the whole thing.

I noticed my mood got better a bit further in the day. The next day I did it again and again, after some time my mood got better. This happened every day and my panicky feeling in general subsided enormously. I was well able to deal with what life presented to me, together with all Ashok’s exercises. Only after a few weeks I got into a real bad situation again and I got really panicky. Then I felt I needed some coaching. I also listened closer to what  David Berceli had to say about that and he recommends coaching in case there’s a real unleashing of emotions which need to be given a place”

AdeV, The Netherlands

Vicki Cook

“Within a very short time I’ve found TRE to be extremely beneficial, and am grateful to Vicki for both introducing me to it and guiding me through my first experiences of it.  I’m finding it to be a straightforward process that has enabled me to experience deep muscular relaxation for the first time in many years.  This has been a revelation to me and I understand alot more now about being in a true relaxed state and being able to breathe out fully.  I’m very pleased to have found something so therapeutic and effective in relieving tension, and I know it will continue to support me in my recovery from M.E”

CS in Derbyshire, UK

Mandy Gaze

“I contacted Mandy after seeing her lovely poster, because I was having trouble with my health, I had developed eczema, but also my digestive system was problematic, with recurring IBS. I also had emotional family problems, where I suffered deep anxiety upon each visit and came away in tears each time and had sleep problems, which manifested in reduced sleep to a point where I could not cope the following day.  After four sessions a real turnaround has happened. My stomach has settled. Since the first two sessions I have had no re-occurence of IBS, my anxiety levels have been negated and I am now sleeping 7 hours a night. My body feels light and trouble free and my emotions are under control again. A recent visit to my family verified what I had hoped for and I came away with no negative emotions and was able to express my love and compassion in a way I had been unable to do for a number of years.

Mandy is a very compassionate and competent exponent of TRE, she guided me through the exercises each session, was tireless in her explanations of the exercises and sat beside me whilst my body took over. This aided me to relax and go with the shaking without any fear or concern.  I now have a tool which I can go back to again and again to ensure I never return to the place I was in before I experienced wonderful and enlightening.  I offer her my deep gratitude and respect for being my teacher, guide and support through the sessions.”  
VH, Scottish Borders

Module 1 London 3-Day Training November 2014

“I had the luck of being in the dynamic of instructors with great personality who are willing to learn, to wonder and to resonate with each other.

As a result, I felt beside me trained especially inspired and engaged.

I had the ability to learn on 3 different stages: myself discovering and exploring me trembling, what happened and resonated in the group and what is developed between the instructors.

Participants and instructors worked together to create an atmosphere of safety so I could fully evolve. The great diversity and openness of the group was an enrichment.

Team London 2014
London November 2014 Module 1 Training

Thanks for making all this possible.” JH, Belgium

TRE and Yoga Workshop

Just to thank you for the lovely workshop yesterday. I loved the entire experience, your  (Mohsinah’s) wonderful yoga teaching and the introduction to TRE. I really benefitted from it all and feel inspired by it AND I slept right through the night for the first time in years, which is fantastic! I will be continuing with the TRE practice and would also like to join one of your yoga classes.  KL, Edinburgh

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