Tribute to PSOAS (poem)


In TRE the body spends lots of time releasing the psoas muscle.  This is because the Psoas is the main ‘fight and flight’ muscle and so in most people it is contracted, tight, dehydrated.  This is a lovely way to learn about this amazing muscle:

Tribute to PSOAS (poem)

“So as to know the muscle, FEEL
the deep easy-going suspender connecting spine and leg
Tenderloin, responsive juicy
guiding active vertebrae, transferring star force and gravity
along the midline

in the joyful moving child,
and protective watchdog
ready to snap into action when fear or falling startles
Flail out, then
grab and curl
to stabilize and protect

No amount of thought will intervene
in the primal instinct to protect CORE
the predator has past
the ground is regained, Psoas
shakes out its chemical instructors
returns to being laid back
masseur of organs,
balancing playmate of the diaphragm,
pendulum suspension of walking legs
and guide of core bone support

When fear
is a constant visitor
when chemical messengers
are never sent away,
when startle becomes frozen in time,
Psoas holds tight to dear life refusing
the restorative cycle
of nourishment, rest and motion
fulfilling its contract
Contracted becomes its familiar form

Instinctual mentor and protector of central integrity,
Psoas both easy going and awake
responds and rebounds

Psoas, laid back and let down
contains core beliefs of safety and competence
Cells of the healthy Psoas know
life is ease and joy,
danger can be met and released”

~ Poem from the Reptilian Brain
Psoas With A Silent P Copyright 2004
By Marcia Reese (participant in Liz Koch’s workshop)